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About me

Who I am?

Hi there! I'm Curtly. I'm a curious individual (good thing I'm not a cat) who hate doing the same task twice. My mantra is "Do it once and never have to do it again". As a result, I always try to solve problems in a future proof manner.

I had zero interest in the world of computer science until I entered the world of work. In my first post-college job, I was responsible for monitoring the KPIs of my organization. Rising to this challenge ultimately launched my software development career. You can read about how I solved my beautiful problem in the DataQuest article titled, “Not Enough Memory” — How Data Skills Ended an Excel Nightmare.

I spend most of my free time learning about any domain of knowledge; from history to natural science, to economics, to wars. I chose a career in Software Development since I can specialize in a career without giving up my interests in other domains of knowledge. A career in Software development allows me to develop the skills needed to explore the various domains of knowledge.

The biggest realization in my software development journey is that you always have to make trade-offs.

My Personality

My Personality ratings are based on the Enneagram Personality system that aims to reveal how emotions drive our lives and how we engage with others to get what we want and need. Below is the result of my top four personality traits.

The Challenger

Sees themselves as strong and seek to stand up for what they believe in.

The Investigator

Seek understanding and knowledge, and are more comfortable with data than people.

The Perfectionist

Places a lot of emphasis on following the rules and doing things correctly.

The Achiever

Want to be successful and admired by other people, and are very conscious of their public image.

My experience

Flutter Developer

The @ Company Full-time

February 2022 - Present

  • Responsible taking the @dude app to production.
  • Improve developer relations by working with the dev rel team to promote the @dude app.
Safety/Security Officer

Nabi-KCL Full-time

October 2021 - April 2022

  • Built the Nabi-KCL SSHE app to monitor safety practices on site.
  • Managed the security team ensuring the no security breaches occurred.
  • Observed workers and provided guidance to then in order ensuring they are complied with the safety policy of the company.
Officer Cadet

Guyana Defence Force Reservist

September 2020 - Present

  • Learning how to work effectively as a team to overcome challenges.
  • Learning how to perform at a high capacity under physically and mentally stressful conditions.
Economic & Financial Analyst | Web Developer

Ministry of Finance, Guyana Full-time

November 2019 - March 2021 1yr 5 mos

  • Worked on the multi-agency government committee that successfully implemented the first Covid-19 relief programme.
  • Understand the need of the Office of the Budget from the end user perspective.
  • Build Websites to meet the needs of the Office of the Budget.
  • Continuously improve website to meet the changing needs of the department.
Agronomist | Monitoring & Evaluation Officer | Data Analyst

Ministry of Agriculture, Guyana Full-time

November 2014 - November 2019 5yrs

  • Transition the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) from paper based records to combination of paper based records and electronic records using dropbox.
  • Analysed transactional data generated by GLDA to facilitate data driven decision making.
  • Monitored the Key Performance Indicators of GLDA.
  • Analysed farming data of private farmers and provided feedback to improve profitability and efficiency of their farming operation.
  • Provided technical training and guidance in the use of MS Excel, Power BI provided assistance data analysis assistance for employees preparing monthly report.
Records Clerk

Diamond Regional Hospital, Guyana Full-time

November 2009 - March 2011 1yr 5 mos

  • Ensured patients had all the necessary documents before seeing the doctor.
  • Organized the patients' cards for efficient retrieval.
  • Provided guidance to patients so they knew which department they had to visit to received the appropriate treatment.

My Skills

Since 2017, I've been working on improving my software development skills on a need to know basis.



Plotly Dash





There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.

~ Thomas Sowell

My projects

Below are the major projects I have been working on.

This project is an agriculture web app developed to assist farmers in determining the profitability of a Layer bird production system.

The application is an interactive dashboard overlaying a layer bird profitability model.

It allows farmers to adjust the cost and production parameters of the model to suit their requirements. The income and expenditure will recalculate based on cost and production parameter changes.

This project was built in flutter and hosted using firebase hosting.

A client reached out to me for assistance in creating a business plan for a Layer Bird Production Agribusiness.

After completing the project, I decided to combine my programming skill with my agricultural knowledge. This resulted in a Layer Bird Profitability Model to assist more farmers.

This project was initial built in excel for the client, then converted into a web app for the public.

My favorite part of the project was rebuilding the model in dart.

The trickiest part of the project was figuring out how to leverage the provider package to rebuild the UI when a parameter changes.

I encountered many challenges while working on this project. These were due to my inadequate understanding of constraints and the provider package. They were solved by reading the flutter documentation and researching flutter errors on stack overflow.

I'm satisfied that I was able to apply what I learned in my flutter experience so far to solve a problem in the agriculture sector.

I intend to continue improving this model by including more variables that influence the profit from a layer bird production system.

I have received positive feedback from my former boss. He is an agriculture expert and asked to build more models for a different agriculture production system.

As I continue to build more agriculture models, I would love to collaborate with various agriculture experts and companies to fine-tune the models.

This project has been wonderful learning opportunity. I learned to work with;

  • Getters and Setters
  • Provider Package
  • SyncFusion Package
sample image
sample image

The Guyana Performance Measurement Framework is intended to transform Volume 2 of the Budget Estimates to a web-based platform which will facilitate real-time entry of data on the national performance indicators being reported in the Estimate.

This project was build using Django and hosted on Heroku.

This website was built to allow for increased availability of information on the performance of central government agencies in Guyana. Government agencies will be able to access this platform to upload their respective indicator data.

Overall, this site will collect and report on national performance across all sectors.

This project was developed by constant communication with the client to understand what features and UX they wanted.

My favorite part of the project was designing the database schema.

The most challenging part of the project was implementing the authorization feature. They are two level of authorization; data providers and data verifiers.

Each government agency is responsible for reporting on and verifying their national performance indicators. National Performance indicator results are only displayed when the data verifier verifies the data recorded by the data provider. Every time the data provider records data, an email is sent to the responsible data verifier with a link to the page requesting their permission to verify the data.

I'm grateful that I was able to build a software to solve an issue of national importance.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance is entering the preliminary data needed before the government agencies can begin reporting on their national performance indicators.

This project has been a wonderful learning opportunity. I learned the following;

  • The importance of implementing adequate validation before data is made publicly available.
  • Django Signals
  • How to receive feedback from client and implement the necessary changes

The Livestock Information System app bridges the gap between farmers and extension officers by simplify the data collection and farm monitoring responsibility of Extension Officers.

This app also seeks to improve national agriculture production by enabling the Guyana Livestock Development Authority to provide farm specific training to farmers as a result of the data generated through this application.

This flutter app is still under development but is available for early access on the google play store.

The purpose of the Livestock Information System app is to demonstrate to Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) and by extension the Guyana's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) that farmers can benefit from services tailored to their specific needs by using a custom-built app that monitors individual farm performance.

This app also seeks to demonstrate that the workflow of the extension officers can be reduced by the removal of redundant data collection.

This app was designed by feedback for an agriculture expert in GLDA and from my professional experience working in the agriculture sector.

My favorite part of this project was creating the service calls to create, read and update documents in firebase.

Key features of this application includes:

  • Can work online and offline
  • Farmer module: Register farmers, view farmer list and detail screens
  • Farm module: Register farms, view farm list and detail screens
  • Animal population survey: Records livestock population by species and growth stage.
  • Animal Disaster Survey: Records animal losses due to a natural disaster by species and growth stage.
  • Collect Farm GPS location
  • Collect Farm and Farmer profile picture
  • This application is currently a MVP. The Guyana Livestock Development Authority are registering farmers and farms using this app. They are over 500 farmers registered as of December 2021.

    My fulltime job and evening academic studies does not allow me the free time to continue working on this app. I am currently awaiting funding from the Guyana Livestock Development Authority to continue development of this app on a fulltime basis.

    This project has been a wonderful flutter and firebase learning opportunity. I learned the following;

    • The importance of coding defensively especially when make network calls.
    • Authentication with firebase auth
    • Accessing device camera and saving user provided image to Firebase storage
    • Accessing device gps location
    • Saving data to cloud firestore
    • Using streams to receive realtime updates form cloud firestore
    • Using Streams with Provider
    • Using gskinners MVC + S architecture to organize my code
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